The Puparazzi released photos today of The Princess and The Queen relaxing in their quarters on their patio following last night's birthday bash for Princess Mesa's first birthday. In attendance among the dignitaries who arrived from world wide designations, were Princess Mesa's brothers, Prince Sniper and Prince Gunner von Anatolia, who also celebrated their first birthdays. The handsome threesome caught the attention of every male and female in the room. The Princess glowed at the attention lavished upon her for the celebration for The Royal birthdays.

It was said the three siblings danced well into the wee hours of morning to the sounds of their favorite rock bands. They were also said to have been frequenting the Martini bar requested by The Princess more than a few times throughout the night between a barrage of champagne toasts.

This morning, The Princess and The Queen are taking the day off to rest up from the celebration which ended in fireworks over The Palace. Madame Squirt reported, "Not one guest left without a smile from ear to ear. This was once of our most successful parties in years. Even The Queen couldn't stop dancing! Now we all need to rest up. There is a price to pay for that much fun!"

Stay tuned for more photos from the party later in the week.



The Palace reported today that despite Princess Mesa's concerns about growing older, The Queen is doing her best to console her. Madame Squirt told reporters in The Tulip Garden this morning that, "The Queen couldn't be more sympathetic and understanding with Princess Mesa's concerns at growing older. She took the end to puppyhood hard when she became a woman early last month. Fortunately, with the love and compassion which The Queen gives her on a daily basis, we are sure she will settle into this new stage of her life and simply enjoy the festivities planned for tonight."

Indeed, the plans are glorious! Madame Squirt reported that the white tie affair at The Palace will be catered by The Queen's favorite chef from her favorite restaurant, Geronimo.

The five course meal will include all Princess Mesa's favorite tidbits, including procuitto and quail salad followed by elk tenderloin. Dessert choices will remain a surprise.

Champagne will no doubt flow like the tides tonight. There will also be a Martini bar serving Princess Mesa's favorite drink. The streets around The Palace are already lined with those hoping to catch a glimpse of the guests who will be arriving on the Red Carpet showing off their finest attire.





In light of the Christmas season's approach, an interview was conducted with Santa Claws questioning what he might be bringing to the new Princes Mesa Verde this year. Since this was her first Christmas, adoring fans everywhere expected to hear that The Princess would be showered with gifts from fans in countries world-wide. Of course, Santa was expected to do the same. We were surprised to report, however, that Santa was not quite on board with a plan to pamper the new Princess.

"As you all know," Santa told us in a private interview, "I spend a lot of time every year watching to see who's naughty or nice. Despite her royal bloodlines, The Princess is no exception to the rule. Naughty is naughty, after all, and if things continue, I have no choice but to pull out the coal lumps"

Surprising indeed, as all who have viewed The Princess thus far have been impressed by her impeccable good manners, sweet, shy demeanor, and boundless charm. There is a bit of suspicion among the press after hearing Santa's harsh words, that there may be an underlying plot to discredit The Princess. We are working hard to unravel the mystery, but it remains a difficult task since no one can really imagine who would pay off Santa in order to get him to shed a negative light upon The Princess. Stay tuned for more stories. We are sure there will be many as the story unfolds.


Meanwhile...what happend at Chritsmastime....

Seems all hopes for a holiday of peace on Earth, good will towards dogs were not destined to become the motto in Santa Fe in 2013. Queen Shelby continued her Grinch-like attitude towards the new Princess Mesa Verde in full force. Rumors continue to spread around The Palace of unkind woofs aimed in the direction of The Princess by Queen Shelby. It is unclear at this moment if it is a matter of jealousy on the part of The Queen, or if it is being provoked by The Princess. On the surface she seems to play the role of the perfect Princess, but there are those who say she may not be the angel being protrayed by the press, and perhaps has a paw in the tension between the two Royals after all.

Some observers said this looks like it might well be a lifetime grudge which Queen Shelby will now hold against the new Princess Mesa for invading her once peaceful, one-dog kingdom, and that those living in the castle with her had just better get used to it.

The press has been contacting The Palace for an interview to get to the bottom of all this, however, at the moment Chief of Staff Squirt refuses interviews claiming that this is a very busy time at The Palace. Some suspect The Queen was not amused by a recent candid interview with the COS and that is the reason the cat has her tongue at the moment.

No good feelings seemed to be in the air for that warm and fuzzy holiday season everyone had wished for this year. At the moment, Christmas of 2014 doesn't even look promising!




Meanwhile...what happend at Chritsmastime....

It is no secret that Queen Shelby has an obsession for fine hats and designer clothes. She has become a world-wide symbol for fashion at its best as her exquisitely refined taste is ever-present in her daily life.

The yearly attempt to display Queen Shelby as the symbol of Christmas cheer has unfortunately gone very wrong. This year, Princess Mesa had a hand---errr-paw in the event.

Perhaps voicing her opinion of how Queen Shelby looked in the hat wasn't the best method of inducing some much-needed cheer, but Princess Mesa's puppy exuberance won out, and well, it just slipped....

What can we say...another good intention gone bad. Click here to see the video of how the hat situation progressed. WARNING: It ain't pretty!


Click here to view


Unfortunately, things weren't exactly rosy at the new residence of High Princess Mesa Verde upon arrival. It seems there was a tiny bit of friction arising when the reigning Queen, Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan of Santa Fe, met her for the first time. Some say it was disbelief that after an almost 10 year reign, Queen Shelby found herself in a situation like this, with a new rival in her midst. Others say she suspected that perhaps this was an alien invasion from nearby city Roswell which would now disrupt her entire kingdom.

Hard to say... In any event, we believe it is fair to say that at first Queen Shelby was sure it was only a temporary setback, and that things would settle once IT's people came to take her home. Unbeknownst to The Queen, however, former Turkish Princess Mesa Verde's kingdom ---errr--- Princessdom, had been permanently relocated to Santa Fe, and there were a whole lot of adjustments to come. Nevertheless, at this point in time, the Queen is hopefully that IT will go away soon. We wish her the best of luck with this dilemma.


The Royal Portraits were unveiled at The Palace today, much to the delight of The Queen, her court, and the general public. Princess Mesa was silent about the whole thing. Madame Squirt reported, "The Princess is still rather sensitive about her weight following a summer vacation of partying around the globe causing a few extra pounds. She thought that perhaps her butt appeared a bit too large in her portrait, a comment for which no one else seemed to agree. It is her right to remain silent in this case, and we are all hoping she will come to terms with both her weight and her portrait."

Meanwhile, the press has been giving rave reviews to the portraits stating that they captured "the essence of The Royal Duo." The Palace will remain open to the public until the end of August so that the public may continue to enjoy the new portraits.



MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014


EXTRA!!!!! EXTRA!!!!!

Relatively unknown artist, M.E. Bilisnansky McMorrow received quite a boost to her career recently as she was chosen to paint the portraits of The Royals. The Palace is all a-buzz trying to sneak into the studio whenever possible to glance at the portraits in progress during the sittings.

"Quite a thrill for this artists," Madame Squirt reported. "Artists dream of this kind of job their entire lives!"

It is said the Royals are pleased so far with their portraits, although it is rumored Princess Mesa was grumbling quite a bit in the beginning of her nose being too big and her hips too wide. Queen Shelby thought she should have appeared taller. The artist has been working day and night to please her subjects. We will keep you posted on the progress!



Meanwhile...Here's how it all began!


Nothing but the best for The High Princess, Mesa Verde! Upon arrival it was decided that raw meat would be the best diet for a growing puppy. She was showered with new toys, chew bones, and comfy dog beds. Seems nothing is too good for this puppy! Queen Shelby tried to be tolerant, but it was a bit hard to take. Suddenly, her Top Dog status was shaken. WAY too many ooohs and ahhhas for this new thing which she affectionately renamed "IT."

Over the next few days, Queen Shelby spent a lot of time pondering questions about the treatment of the new IT puppy. Being the perfect dog herself, she didn't want to wish any harm on the new puppy, but she did have a few ideas of her own about IT's diet....



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