On October 21, 2013, Mesa Verde arrived from Houston to join our family of critters. It was a long-awaited arrival for the humans in the household. As for the other critters---welllllll---not so much! Many adjustments were in store for the reigning Queen of the Castle, our then 10-year-old dog, Shelby. The cats weren't too thrilled either. As her life with us began to unfold, the critters told me their stories about how it was living with each other in The Palace they call home.

Things are much different now. The Queen, our beloved Shelby, passed away in 2018. Her departure left a big hole in our lives. She joined our dear Madame Yoda, who died of cancer two years before Shelby. Their memories live with us in "Rrruff Times." They made us laugh. They filled our hearts with love.

This year, I hope to be inspired by the critters who still live with us, and still make us laugh. Stay tuned for new stories in 2019 of the adventures of Princess Mesa, Prince Bart, and their staff.

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