Well, it turns out that there is just too darned much in Santa Fe to write about on just one page. I needed a whole new website! Thus the birth of "Who's That with Bart?" just had to be the next step.

So who exactly, you might ask, is Bart? Prince Bartholomée de Glasgow, AKA Bart is a Papillon puppy with lots of "tude" who is becoming quite the Dog Around Town in Santa Fe. He was born in July of 2015 at Clearlake Papillons in Webster, Texas. His dad is Scottish, his Mom born in the USA. He came to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a young age, and immediately realized he was really a Mountain Dog at heart. He enjoys morning hikes in the mountains of Santa Fe with his pack. However, his favorite time of the day is when he gets to visit downtown with his escort. Prince Bart is one of the stars in the continuing saga known as "RRRUFF TIMES," a featured story on the pages of his escort's website, coincidentally called, grounddogs.com.

It seems every time Bart makes an appearance, people smile. They want to pet him, hold him, love him, wait on him...all the stuff you want to do with a cute little dog. Bart has an incredible sense of style for his size. Last winter his wardrobe included more clothes than a Barbie doll, not just because he is a tad spoiled, but also because it was cold out there in Santa Fe and he had a lot of coat yet to grow!

His overwhelming popularity with everyone who met him, led his escort to think that maybe he needed his own website and a purpose other than merely gallivanting around town like some sort of a playdog. After all, she and he both love Santa Fe, New Mexico with a passion and enjoy sharing stories of living here with their friends. So why not write about Santa Fe through Bart's eyes? That's how "Who's That with Bart" was born.

Please visit our new website for the new blog about the people and places in Santa Fe that Bart and his escort love. It's a must for visitors or anyone planning a trip. We are just beginning, so check back with us as new information and adventures are being added every day. Our goal is to be the most complete eating, shopping, and just plain doing fun things guide on the internet!