Nothing but the best for The High Princess, Mesa Verde! Upon arrival it was decided that raw meat would be the best diet for a growing puppy. She was showered with new toys, chew bones, and comfy dog beds. Seems nothing is too good for this puppy! Queen Shelby tried to be tolerant, but it was a bit hard to take. Suddenly, her Top Dog status was shaken. WAY too many ooohs and ahhhas for this new thing which she affectionately renamed "IT."

Over the next few days, Queen Shelby spent a lot of time pondering questions about the treatment of the new IT puppy. Being the perfect dog herself, she didn't want to wish any harm on the new puppy, but she did have a few ideas of her own about IT's diet....



Unfortunately, things weren't exactly rosy at the new residence of High Princess Mesa Verde upon arrival. It seems there was a tiny bit of friction rising when the reigning Queen, Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan of Santa Fe, met her for the first time. Some say it was disbelief that after an almost 10 year reign, Queen Shelby found herself in a situation like this. Others say she suspected that perhaps this was an alien invasion from nearby city Roswell which would now disrupt her entire kingdom.

Hard to say... In any event, we believe it is fair to say that at first Queen Shelby was sure it was only a temporary setback, and that things would settle once IT's people came to take her home. Unbeknownst to The Queen, however, former Turkish Princess Mesa Verde's kingdom ---errr--- Princessdom, had been permanently relocated to Santa Fe, and there were a whole lot of adjustments to come. Nevertheless, at this point in time, the Queen is hopefully that IT will go away soon. We wish her the best of luck with this dilemma.




Meanwhile...what happend at Chritsmastime....

It is no secret that Queen Shelby has an obsession for fine hats and designer clothes. She has become a world-wide symbol for fashion at its best as her exquisitely refined taste is ever-present in her daily life.

The yearly attempt to display Queen Shelby as the symbol of Christmas cheer has unfortunately gone very wrong. This year, Princess Mesa had a hand---errr-paw in the event.

Perhaps voicing her opinion of how Queen Shelby looked in the hat wasn't the best method of inducing some much-needed cheer, but Princess Mesa's puppy exuberance won out, and well, it just slipped....

What can we say...another good intention gone bad. Click here to see the video of how the hat situation progressed. WARNING: It ain't pretty!


Click here to view


Meanwhile...what happend at Chritsmastime....

Seems all hopes for a holiday of peace on Earth, good will towards dogs were not destined to become the motto in Santa Fe in 2013. Queen Shelby continued her Grinch-like attitude towards the new Princess Mesa Verde in full force. Rumors continue to spread around The Palace of unkind woofs aimed in the direction of The Princess by Queen Shelby. It is unclear at this moment if it is a matter of jealousy on the part of The Queen, or if it is being provoked by The Princess. On the surface she seems to play the role of the perfect Princess, but there are those who say she may not be the angel being protrayed by the press, and perhaps has a paw in the tension between the two Royals after all.

Some observers said this looks like it might well be a lifetime grudge which Queen Shelby will now hold against the new Princess Mesa for invading her once peaceful, one-dog kingdom, and that those living in the castle with her had just better get used to it.

The press has been contacting The Palace for an interview to get to the bottom of all this, however, at the moment Chief of Staff Squirt refuses interviews claiming that this is a very busy time at The Palace. Some suspect The Queen was not amused by a recent candid interview with the COS and that is the reason the cat has her tongue at the moment.

No good feelings seemed to be in the air for that warm and fuzzy holiday season everyone had wished for this year. At the moment, Christmas of 2014 doesn't even look promising!




In light of the Christmas season's approach, an interview was conducted with Santa Claws questioning what he might be bringing to the new Princes Mesa Verde this year. Since this was her first Christmas, adoring fans everywhere expected to hear that The Princess would be showered with gifts from fans in countries world-wide. Of course, Santa was expected to do the same. We were surprised to report, however, that Santa was not quite on board with a plan to pamper the new Princess.

"As you all know," Santa told us in a private interview, "I spend a lot of time every year watching to see who's naughty or nice. Despite her royal bloodlines, The Princess is no exception to the rule. Naughty is naughty, after all, and if things continue, I have no choice but to pull out the coal lumps"

Surprising indeed, as all who have viewed The Princess thus far have been impressed by her impeccable good manners, sweet, shy demeanor, and boundless charm. There is a bit of suspicion among the press after hearing Santa's harsh words, that there may be an underlying plot to discredit The Princess. We are working hard to unravel the mystery, but it remains a difficult task since no one can really imagine who would pay off Santa in order to get him to shed a negative light upon The Princess. Stay tuned for more stories. We are sure there will be many as the story unfolds.




The word at The Palace was that it was a Merry Christmas for all. All reports were the same---Princess Mesa enjoyed her first Christmas in Santa Fe tremendously. It seems the partying never stopped as everyone at The Palace was determined to make her first Christmas in her new home as good as it could ever get. Queen Shelby did her best to make the new Princess feel welcomed, offering to share all her belongings in her usual generous way.

"We are all delighted to have her here, "remarked Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt. The Queen is bending over backwards to please our new arrival. Things couldn't have been better for all of us.

At a special banquet prepared for her Christmas debut, Princess Mesa expressed her delight by eating anything and everything she could get her teeth into. When eyebrows were raised over the amount consumed, The Queen replied graciously, "In her defense, she is a growing puppy. We are sure she needs all the nourishment she can get to put a bit of meat on her delicate frame. It will do her good." The Princess is expected to maintain that petite frame and slight build throughout her life.



Once again, it seems tension is high as rivalry continues at The Palace over holiday celebrations. With her usual style and grace, Queen Shelby will be entertaining friends and visiting dignitaries today on Fat Tuesday.

The dinner guest list is expected to top 250 and will consist of The Queen's closest friends and dignitaries. The dinner itself will be, by all standards, absolutely superb. Five of the areas top chefs got together to cater the evening's meal, which will consist of 7 courses of perfectly prepared  delights. Quail, Cajun chicken tenders, and a main course of, naturally, Jambalaya, are just a few of the many treats the guests have in store for them this evening.

The Queen's favorite New Orleans restaurant, Commander's Palace, agreed to send in a chef to Santa Fe just to make Queen Shelby's favorite desert, bread pudding souffle, which will leave her special guests begging for more.

After the meal, four of The Queen's favorite jazz bands who also flew in for the occasion, will be playing well into the wee hours of the night.

Absent from The Queen's guest list is Princess Mesa, who is planing her own party in another wing of The Palace. It is said that The Princess refuses to be out-done by The Queen. Her own party will be a memorable one for all involved. The Princess has had staff busy for weeks now, contacting the more artsy In Crowd for her own guest list.

Designers, rock musician, actors, magazine editors, and a host of those making headlines are all planning to attend. Princess Mesa's staff reports that, "The poor Princess has exhausted herself planning for this party. She has just worked her little paws to the bone to make this night a success! We are hoping she will gain the strength to enjoy herself before the big party tonight."

Meanwhile, one of Princess Mesa's favorite designers, who is being kept a big secret from the press is planning her Mardi Gras debut outfit, which will surely keep the puperazzi busy snapping photos all evening. Truly this will be a night to remember at The Palace!


Puparazzi caught The Queen in a rather unflattering pose as she read the morning's headlines which obviously placed her second in line as "The Fairest of Them All" in The Kingdom of Santa Fe. Reports say Queen Shelby gasped as she saw photos of Princess Mesa partying way into morning following the Fat Tuesday celebrations.

As reported yesterday, the rivalry between the two is so thick, The Queen and The Princess held separate parties at The Palace rather than risk sharing the limelight at one. Although The Queen went out of her way to not only look stunning in her Mardi Gras outfit, but also to charm her rather large number of guests as they enjoyed a five star meal and entertainment, it seems headlines bow wowed to The Princess today.

Although no one could argue that her evening was a great success, the press and puparazzi were much more enamoured by the party's hostess at the other end of The Palace. At one point, The Queen saw the press sneaking out of her party to visit that of The Princess. It seems her royal jaw dropped as she witnessed their leaving, knowing full well where they were heading.

The Queen was overheard commenting, "It is outrageous that they would leave me for that newcomer of questionable breeding! How dare they desert me for IT!!!!"


Meanwhile, at the other end of The Palace, the press and puparazzi now has more than enough material for weeks to come. Princess Mesa had obviously out-done herself with the planning for this party. The guests alone kept the press and puparazzi in a frenzy of activity.

At one point, Princess Mesa astounded and delighted her guests as she tossed her feathered costume into the bushes and dove into the pool shouting, "Eat your heart out, Miley!" as she swam through water ablaze with camera flashes.

Asked how The Queen reacted to this morning's headlines and photos of The Princess, Chief of Staff Squirt quietly commented, "We all need a little time to recover from the festivities, which seemed to get a bit out of paw last evening. But it was, after all, Mardi Gras." We at the press are not quite sure this one will blow over quickly.




In a very rare interview today, Chief of Staff Frisco de Roadstop, AKA, Squirt tried to quell rumors of the ongoing feud between Queen Shelby and the new Princess Mesa. The interview, however, took a turn for the worst, as facts slipped from the lips of COS Squirt that could be interpreted as a current all but warm and fuzzy relationship between the two Royals.

Rumors of The Queen's cocktail hours which are increasing in length to cocktail afternoons and evenings, overheard growling and bone grabbing and an unwillingness to spend time together are beginning to take shape as more than mere rumors. COS Squirt let the cat out of the bag by saying that the relationship is "becoming troublesome" for those around them  and that the tension can indeed be cut with a knife on most days around The Palace.


"We are all hoping that some much-needed, quiet bonding time between The Queen and The Princess affords all an opportunity to make nice," COS continued. "At the moment, we believe this is all a matter of adjustment for The Queen. After all, she has been Top Dog around here for quite a few years, and the arrival of a rival has got to be stressful for her....not to mention on all of us on staff. I am afraid that the events surrounding Mardi Gras were just a bit too overwhelming. Most certainly, a few days breathing time will sooth the jangled nerves of the past few days for the Queen."

The press appreciated Chief of Staff Squirt's candidness in the matter. We also wish everyone at The Palace well in sorting things out swiftly.




It is a great day at The Palace as the new Princess Mesa Verde von Anatolia made her official, long overdue debut for the public. Cameras were flashing as the press photographers took photos of what has undoubtably become their favorite subject this year. It is obvious that The IT Puppy loves the camera. The new Princess just glows with enthusiasm and an unstoppable charm.

Queen Shelby today was obviously as enamoured as is the press and puparazzi, as she couldn't leave the side of the new Princess. They seem to be becoming the best of friends, which is fortunate as there are those who thought the reigning Queen looked quite lonely over the years.

Chief of Staff, Madame Frisco de Roadstop, AKA "Squirt" announced today that, "this day is off to a grand start."



This week, Chief of Staff Squirt arranged for interviews between The Queen and internationally famous designers to consult on a new spring wardrobe fit for a Princess! The Queen, with her usual generous nature and an eagerness to make The Princess feel at home, immediately had a robe made for Princess Mesa to match one of her own favorites.

The two royals were seen strolling paw in paw around The Palace grounds in their matching designer robes by Emilio Poochi. It was said The Princess was thrilled with her new wardrobe and couldn't wait to show it off to her eagerly awaiting public. We all look forward to upcoming photos sessions as it is obvious the new Princess is a rising star!


MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2014

As a new year approaches, we all have reasons to reflect upon the proceeding years. The Palace is no exception to the rule. In what is now a rare moment of peaceful contemplation at The Palace, Queen Shelby took the opportunity to contemplate her life as she now knows it.

One would think that with the arrival of the beautiful and exuberant Princess Mesa Verde, the reigning Queen would have taken the opportunity to raise her as the child she never had, making the new pup a mirror image of all her own noble characteristics. Instead, it seems a rivalry arose. "The Queen now deals with her once one-dog kingdom and a life which revolved solely around her needs being upturned with the arrival of the new Princess," reported a staff member today who wished her identity to remain private.

Those who love her have been trying desperately to console her and attempt to let her know she alone is Queen, but it seems it's an uphill climb. Queen Shelby will not make it an easy journey, for rather than share her kingdom graciously, she seems to have chosen a path of increasing resentment."

In another interview, Chief of Staff Squirt told the press, "The Queen has spent the day in her chambers with her favorite bottle of Porto and a bag of Charlie Bears doing some serious soul-searching. We are all sure it will involve a kinder, gentler relationship with Princess Mesa and more bonding time in the future. By the end of the day, The Queen confided that she planned to do many more quiet strolls around The Palace with The Princess in the immediate future. We are sure this will vastly improve their strained relationship."

Queen Shelby's ever-doting staff will continue to try to lift her spirits and let her know that she alone is Top Dog, but they seem to have their jobs cut out for them. Queen Shelby will not make this easy on anyone. We adoring fans will continue to wish everyone at The Palace well in this adjustment stage



The Palace Staff was pleased to announce that following our recent snowfall, Queen Shelby accompanied Princess Mesa on a quiet walk around The Palace grounds to enjoy some quiet bonding time together. This was Princess Mesa's first snowfall since arriving at The Palace, and her exuberance was overwhelming.

Chief of Staff Squirt proudly made the announcement that, "The Queen and The Princess were seen walking the grounds practically paw in paw. It was a joyous occasion for all of us to see the two of them bonding so well after all this tension."

Good news indeed for all of their fans as well. No doubt the Staff Photographer will soon provide us with shots of intimate moments as their touching friendship grows.


Queen Shelby received quite a shock last evening as she learned the disturbing news that the staff had found Princess Mesa outdoors in a snowdrift in a rather unflattering position. Last night, The Queen returned to The Palace in an "unusually cheerful mood" to quote COS, Madame Squirt who was interviewed about the incident today, following her walk with Princess Mesa around The Palace grounds after our last snowfall.

When asked why The Princess had not come in when she did, The Queen told Staffers that "Princess Mesa wanted to enjoy some quiet, alone time since it was her first snowfall."

"I didn't want to intrude upon that special experience for her," Queen Shelby declared. "She seemed so delighted at the experience I hated to interrupt her mood, so I returned for a cup of tea and a bit of the old Lagavulin by the fireplace."I was quite in shock to learn the news that she had later been discovered in a rather unflattering position in a snowdrift. Poor dear child! Be sure that The Palace will run a thorough investigation to determine whether foul play is involved or if it were merely a freak accident. Surely no one would ever harm such a lovely child, so I feel we may only conclude that it was, in fact, a horrid accident."

Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt reiterated the intensity of the upcoming investigation. "It is of utmost importance that we get to the heart of the matter. The Queen was visibly shaken by the news of the accident, and we wish to assure her that we are all doing our best to bring a hasty end to this mystery of how The Princess ended up in the snowdrift after their walk." We will keep you posted on the outcome of the investigation.



Recent reports from The Palace Chief of Staff Squirt say that the investigation into the mishap Princess Mesa Verde had two days ago is still a mystery.

A shaken Princess Mesa was pulled from a snowbank Monday by several staff members after one of them sighted her tail protruding from a rather large drift. Fortunately, although still visibly shaken from the event, The Princess sustained no wounds except those to her dignity. She reported that she was unclear as to how the incident occurred. "I didn't see what happened," she explained to reporters. "I was walking calmly with Queen Shelby one minute and the next thing I knew everything went white on me."

The Queen sympathetically spoke about the incident with reporters after the grim discovery. "The poor child is obviously disoriented after her ordeal. She had clearly told me to go back inside and warm up while she continued her stroll around The Palace grounds. Wishing to give her some privacy, I reluctantly agreed to her wishes. We all need our quiet time, after all."

Palace staffers agree that Queen Shelby was most generous in tending to Princess Mesa's desires, and said it is typical of her attitude towards the child. COS Squirt told us that, "The Queen is a most kind and patient soul, and it was just like her to give into the whims of Princess Mesa in an effort to make her feel at home. We are all sorry for the incident. It is most unlikely that any foul play was involved. We all think it was just putting the wrong paw in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all, this was Princess Mesa's first experience with snow. We are hoping to put this all behind us as quickly as possible and move on to more joyous events."


FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

Queen Shelby was in unusually fine spirits today as her car arrived to take her for a day of shopping and spa treatments. Taking the time to pose for the puparazzi, The Queen, adorned in a coffee brown fur hat and matching gloves smiled to the public while giving her trademark little wave.

Chief of Staff Squirt wouldn't comment on the location of the spa where she would spend some time having massages an mud wraps. "The Queen works very hard, " Madame Squirt reported, "and she deserves some private time. After shopping and spa treatments she will no doubt have high tea with a few close friends at another undisclosed location. Her Highness has had some stressful days during the investigation of the snowdrift incident, and it has taken its toll on her nerves. We are hoping this day will restore her to her usual jolly self."

When asked about the progress of the snowdrift investigation, Madame Squirt calmly replied, "The investigation has turned up no indication of foul play as of yet. I am sure this case will be closed at any moment, and the conclusion will be what has been suspected all along. It was merely a case of a wrong step on the part of Princess Mesa and her misunderstanding of snow due to inexperience. We are sure the next time she ventures out things will turn out much better."

The Queen nodded knowingly at her Chief of Staff's words. "Yes, I am in total agreement. It was all an unfortunate accident which I am sure couldn't possibly happen again." With those words, The Queen set out for her special day.


MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014 


It was a happy day for staffers at The Palace as they were greeted in early evening by the sounds of The Queen in an unusually good mood. Madame Squirt, Chief of Staff reported, "We heard the joyful sounds of 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' coming from the chambers of The Queen shortly after high tea. She has been in such a state lately, it was a welcomed sound for all of us to hear her sing.

"At first we thought it might be due to the fact that Princess Mesa was gone for the day attending social events surrounding St. Patrick's Day. In any event, we welcomed the change and immediately entered her Royal Chambers to offer our wishes for a joyful evening as well.

"To our surprise, we found The Queen dressed in festive holiday attire as she sang. We are delighted to have had such a wonderful end to a rather stressful month. We hope she stays in this mood for a while."

Later that evening, Waitstaff Chief Bookie, while attending the Royal High Tea Room reported an awareness of the distinct aroma of Knappogue Castle 1951 (The Queen's favorite Irish whiskey) in the room. "Whatever the reason for her joy, we are just hoping it continues! It was a much-needed change for all of us," Chief Bookie smiled.

Later that evening at a staff meeting Chief of Staff Madame Squirt suggested that a case of Knappogue be ordered immediately.



What was thought to be a quiet moment at being just a tad bad, has gone quite public today as Princess Mesa and her brother, visiting Prince Sniper von Anatolia were captured on film by puparazzi hidden in the bushes on The Palace grounds. The two were seen smoking stogies, unbeknownst to The Queen, still in her chambers. We are sure she was secretly hoping the incident was merely an early April Fool's Day prank.

As soon as the photo appeared on the front page of "Dogs Gone Wild" this morning, phones were ringing non stop begging for The Queen's reaction to it. The Queen refused to comment.

Chief of Staff Madame Squirt attempted to downplay the situation. "It's just one of those phases puppies all go through to want to challenge those making the rules," she said. "Naturally, The Queen is a bit disappointed in her conduct, but being ever-understanding, she does remember what it was like being a young pup herself. I am sure it will pass into an unpleasant memory quite soon."

Princess Mesa was also not available for comment. She is said to be enjoying her time with the visit of young Prince Sniper. We are sure The Palace hopes that their next attempt at fun will involve going to a museum.



Queen Shelby's confusion continues as she still hasn't quite  warmed up to Princess Mesa's presence in Santa Fe. The mere sight of Princess Mesa's huge feet is reason for concern as The Queen contemplates the eventual size of her new rival.

The Court of Queen Shelby still retains some hope that a peaceful transition will eventually occur. There are those who warn them that perhaps it will occur when "hell freezes over." Nevertheless, hope springs eternal throughout The Palace.... Stay tuned!




Her Majesty Queen Shelby von Canaan appeared to her awaiting crowd to cheer on her favorite team of ponies at the Palace's traditional pre-First Day of Spring Polo Match. Unfortunately, there was not much cheer in The Queen's face today. She arrived displaying her usual style which has captured the world's attention and admiration for so long, wearing a crown of flowers and necklaces made of huge chunks of her favorite stone, lapis lazuli. Quite noticeable was the absence of Princess Mesa Verde von Anatolia who was expected to make her debut this season at the matches joining The Queen at her Royal Box on the sidelines.

Staff Chief, Madame Squirt refused to comment on the absence, reporting only that the press should let "sleeping dogs lie and respect the Queen's privacy for a much-enjoyed event and concentrate on her joy today at being present among her many admirers."

The Queen, sporting a new outfit designed just for the occasion, did in fact seem to be enjoying herself later in the day, despite an obvious preoccupation with matters at heart. Some say her favorite bottle of scotch and biscuits may have been partially responsible for the change in attitude. The fact that her favorite polo team won the match, also seemed to please her to no end.


FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2014


Much to the relief of The Royal Court, Her Majesty Queen Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan arrived from her day at the polo match in a "much calmer state" to quote Chief of Staff Squirt. Skipping right to Martini Hour and forgoing what has now become the preceding traditional Margarita Happy Hour, The Queen called for her pipe, called for her bowl (of kibbles), and called for her Fiddlers Three, seeming to thoroughly enjoy herself.

"It was a dream day, really," The Queen announced to COS Squirt later in the day in a private moment of conversation. Sitting there watching the match with my adoring fans clicking pictures of me and my new hat was about as perfect as a day could be."

Rather than risk running into Princess Mesa and spoiling the mood of serenity, Queen Shelby retired early, assured that the rest of the evening would be spent enjoying her long-deserved peace.

MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2014

At  a press conference held today in The Kingdom of Santa Fe, Her Royal Highness Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan, made the stern announcement that under no circumstances would her wishes be ignored by anyone in her kingdom. The press sensed immediately that this declaration was intended for Princess Mesa Verde von Anatolia who has recently begun residing in her Palace in Santa Fe.

The Princess met this declaration with her usual shy composure. Some say it is actually cockiness on her part. There is much speculation that the new Princess has her eye on the throne at any cost. Rumor has it, the shy demeanor is merely an act to gain favor of The Royal Court. Time will tell.





Tension increases at The Palace as recent rumors are flying, suggesting that in the past weeks Chief of Staff Madame Squirt and Princess Mesa may becoming close friends, much to the increasing annoyance at these rumors by The Queen.

It is said that The Queen is also becoming increasingly annoyed at the spin Madame Squirt has been giving to cover the tail, so to speak, of Princess Mesa with the press. Those close to The Queen hint that she is not happy with having The Princess's bad behavior constantly depicted in such a rosy way that The Princess comes out smelling like one, no matter how bad she's been.

Recently, an incident involving The Princess and her visiting brother, Prince Sniper, having a smoke on The Palace grounds attracted headline attention worldwide. Making matters worse, the puparazzi constantly hounding The Palace caught it all on film. COS Squirt smoothed over the incident by hinting that The Queen might have behaved in a similar manner as a pup, an allegation which The Queen heartily denies. "Breeding is as breeding does, no matter what the breed is---or does," The Queen remarked. Although it is not quite clear what she meant by that comment, one wonders where all this will lead. The Queen also denies rumors that she is considering the dismissal of her once closest advisor who is now, it seems, no longer in her good graces.



Despite all efforts from Queen Shelby to downplay the attention being given to the new Princess Mesa, it seems this snowball is rolling down the hill at lightening speed. The phone is ringing off the hook in Chief of Staff Madame Squirt's office, and seems there's no stopping her now. International magazines are frantically competing to have issues arrive on the stands with a cover bearing the image of Princess Mesa, knowing it will mean a sell out by noon. No one can seem to get enough of the charm of The IT Puppy!

Dog gone are the days when the Queen can relax on the grounds without having puparazzi appearing over the walls and under bushes and hydrants to catch a candid shot of The Princess. "I am not sure why they seem so eager to take photos of a mere puppy doing things as common as simply lying on the grass," The Queen confided to Madame Squirt. "It's not like she is parading in the ring at Westminster. How exciting can it be to see a photo of a sleeping dog lying?"

Rumor has it that The Queen was overheard telling a staffer as she passed a copy of the most recent trend-setting magazine, Bow Wow Wow! that, "If I could lift a leg I would!" Truly The Queen is NOT amused at the newcomer!



Despite hopes by The Court of Queen Shelby of Santa Fe, The Queen still insists on bestowing the Royal Cold Shoulder to the new Princess Mesa Verde. There were hopes that a peaceful agreement between the two would eventually be reached, but The Royal Court is beginning to lose heart in the matter.

Even though Princess Mesa's makes constant attempts to warm the cold heart of The Queen, the Royal Feud continues at a steady pace. Faces are still being made and lips are still being upturned in every waking moment in an effort to ward off the constant shadow that The Princess has become for Queen Shelby. To all onlookers, The Princess seems determined to charm The Queen. Unfortunately, The Queen seems to be numb to those attempts.

FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014


News from The Palace at Santa Fe isn't very promising. It is rumored that The Royal Court is murmuring that Her Royal Highness, Queen Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan may have taken up some rather troubling habits since the arrival of Princess Mesa Verde von Anatolia. Chief Advisor to The Queen was overheard muttering that The Queen "has taken to afternoon Margarita and nacho breaks," and that they are "increasing in length to carry her well into Martini Hour."

In a rather uncharacteristic event, Queen Shelby was seen on the balcony sporting a sombrero and singing "Ay Yi Yi Yi" rather loudly. We are not sure where all this is heading, but surely, it can't be good!





Madame Frisco von Roadstop, Chief of Staff at The Palace, has her paws full once again trying to quell rumors of Princess Mesa von Anatolia's increasing "tude" since her life began as resident. It is rumored that The Queen left in a huff when she found Princess Mesa lolly gagging around her own chambers with her newly gifted batch of toys.

The Queen was overheard muttering about how utterly ridiculous it is that all of the royal funds are now being spent adorning The Princess with new things. She commented that it is "causing an ever-increasing attitude of entitlement which is MOST annoying and impossible to live with!"

While it can not be denied that The Princess has been receiving a shower of gifts from adoring fans world-wide since her arrival, the reports of "tude" are a bit surprising. The Princess has long been admired for her extraordinary good looks as well as being capable of maintaining her coy personality. Those close to The Palace are expressing concern for Queen Shelby's well being.

Previous reports warn that The Queen may be heading for rehab if a truce of some sort isn't made soon. Princess Mesa's still adoring fans are denying rumors of her obnoxious attitudes and claiming it is all part of her puppy charm. Time will tell how this all turns out. We wish all at The Palace well.



It is obvious to those around her that Princess Mesa is indeed The IT Puppy. Obvious to all but Queen Shelby, that is. No matter where she goes, Princess Mesa charms her public with her humor and innocence that has adorned covers of international magazines since her arrival.

Palace Staff say that she is a constant source of entertainment for them, brightening their day at every turn. Not so amused is Queen Shelby, who still seems to think this is all a bad dream, and that with hope and prayers things will return to life as she knew it at a happier time when she lived in a one-dog Palace with all the attention being given to her alone. Even today's April Fool's Day stunt didn't bring a smile to The Queen's face!

Staffers continue to shower Queen Shelby with attention in an effort to soften her edge for The Princess. However, it does seem that it's an uphill climb for all involved.



A well-known team of engineers was called to the Palace today to deal with a recent complaint by Princess Mesa Verde that her throne seemed to be shrinking before her very eyes---errrr-rump.

Since she has only been at The Palace for a very short time, no one seems to be able to find reason for such an occurrence. Surely she could not be increasing in size, as Princesses from The Kingdom of Anatolia are known for the delicate sizes.

The Palace is awaiting word from the team as to logical reasons for this bizarre happening. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated on this matter.



The latest gossip at The Palace is in full swing once again. The hot topic this time is the increasing size of Princess Mesa. Rumors persist that The Queen is becoming increasingly nervous about the size of the new Princess. When she arrived at The Palace a few short months ago, her petite frame was the talk of the town. She was often likened to a "delicate little flower blossoming in the spring." It seems spring has turned into summer rather quickly as Princess Mesa is now beginning to tower over The Queen herself.

When questioned about this, Madame Squirt, Chief of Staff, dismissed the allegations completely. "The Queen has only expressed thoughts of Princess Mesa's delicate bones, and increasing grace, as we all have done. There is certainly no cause for concern."




Rumor has it that Princess Mesa Verde, known to the press as The New IT Puppy, is becoming a bit of a challenge for staffers at The Palace. It has long be suspected that her ever-increasing size is an unexpected surprise to The Queen, who expected herself to tower over The Princess, thereby giving her an edge on intimidation. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned for Queen Shelby. As The Princess outgrows her surroundings, she has begun to make demands for improvements to be made on her accommodations to provide her with her much-needed creature comforts.

Today Chief of Staff Madame Squirt met with interior designers to plan the renovation for Princess Mesa's quarters which include a huge queen sized bed, larger sofas, bowls and even toys. "As you can imagine, "Madame Squirt told us in a recent interview, "Queen Shelby was not amused when she overheard Princess Mesa telling designers she insisted on a queen sized bed. This was certainly not in her grand plan for The Princess."






Staffers at The Palace say the new Princess Mesa is proving to be the life of the party scene. Recently, puparazzi have snapped photos non-stop of the new Princess at every social event in town. Her unstoppable charm have made her The IT Dog for every event, which apparently is not so amusing to Queen Shelby.

Reports from The Palace say it is not uncommon for The Princess to return to The Palace in the wee wee hours of the night, exhausted and sometimes a bit buzzed from the champagne and biscuits that are lavished upon her by her adoring fans.

It's been said that it is becoming more and more the norm for The Princess to request that her breakfast be served to her in her quarters. Staffers report she is usually too exhausted from her late nights of partying to even get out of bed and trek to the Royal Dining Room.

The news of this new practise and her absence from the dining room have troubled Queen Shelby to no end. She has protested the behavior of The Princess by requesting that her own breakfast be served in bed. The Palace Staff is wondering where this feud will lead if a peace treaty isn't declared soon.



Once again, the puparazzi have done their jobs at stirring things up at The Palace. Photos appeared in journals around the globe once again of Princess Mesa, apparently having a good laugh at The Queen following a heated discussion on who the fairest of them all actually is these days. The Queen, obviously annoyed at the behavior of The Princess, looked on as Princess Mesa burst into hysterical laughter after a firm talk from The Queen about her recent behavior, most of which seems to be caught on film, adding to the embarrassment of The Palace. Unfortunately, what was thought to be a private discussion is now being shared with the world.

Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt was unavailable for comment. When pressed, the COS sighed heavily, shook her head, and walked away. Apparently she is growing weary of the constant hounding of the puparazzi recently, which is obviously adding fuel to the feuding fires at The Palace.




Happily, news from The Palace is good today, as reported at a press conference. Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt, met with the press today to assure them that "The Queen and The Princess are mending their feud by spending more quality time together. This morning, they were seen enjoying some lovely conversation by the fireplace over some hot coco. The Queen even offered to have Princess Mesa's favorite snack, Almond Joy bars, brought to her on a silver platter each afternoon at tea. We are all most pleased to see such progress being made in their relationship. Obviously, Princess Mesa has the utmost respect for The Queen, and would bend over backwards to please her. And of course, the feeling is being shared by The Queen!"


It seems puparazzi is relentless these days when it comes to Princess Mesa. Today she was photographed having a yuck session with her brother, Crown Prince Sniper von Anatolia. However innocent it may have been, reporters eager for a story were quick to report that their conversation was all but innocent. Rumors spread that Princess Mesa had her brother in weeping tears of laughter as she told him stories of life in The Palace with The Queen. What began as an innocent play date will no doubt stir the pot of rivalry between The Queen and The Princess.

earlier in the day, in what seems to be becoming a pattern, Chief of Staff Madame Squirt refused comment. No doubt she is growing increasingly weary at being pressed for comment.

Later in the day, however, the Chief of Staff met with press members in the catnip garden to address the rumors. "I can assure you, " Madame Squirt told the press, "that The Queen and The Princess are making every effort to mend their relationship and move forward. This afternoon's tea was thoroughly delightful with The Queen's insistence on having Almond Joy bars, Princess Mesa's favorites, being brought to the tea. She pressed the Princess to enjoy herself and eat more, commenting that her petite frame could allow her to enjoy what The Queen herself would not dare to eat. The staffers are delighted at their progress and just wish the puparazzi would move onto a new subject." Madame Squirt added that Palace security efforts were being stepped up to stop problems form the puparazzi.


FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014

A massive investigation into security slips is underway at The Palace, following yet another private moment being invaded at The Palace today. In what seems quite inexcusable on the part of the press, Queen Shelby was photographed during her meditation session last evening. To make matters worse, headlines blazed today with rumors of The Queen's private prayers to have Princess Mesa banished from The Kingdom of Santa Fe.

Madame Squirt, Palace Chief of Staff, appeared bleary-eyed in the catnip garden today to report that this was merely an "ugly rumor created by a press with way too much time on their paws." She repeated that things were "just peachy" at The Place, and that The Queen was infuriated that this sort of rumor is being spread."

"The Queen is obviously very much in love with Princess Mesa. Only hours ago she insisted that the Princess's Almond Joy snacks be replaced by carrots and edamame beans in an attempt to keep her healthy. She takes such great care of The Princess! This is simply infuriating to all of us here at The Palace."

The Palace also announced that a new security company is being hired since the last one "seemed a bit incompetent, to say the least."



MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

What started out as a private walk to enjoy some Santa Fe sunshine on a beautiful spring day has once again fueled the headlines for this morning's journals world-wide. The ever-watching puparazzi captured a shot which has sparked rumors that love is in the air for The Royal Princess Mesa. She was seen yesterday afternoon on a private outing with Queen Shelby and a staff member talking to a yet unknown puppy passing The Royal Party on the trail.

It was obvious by the sparkle in her eye that the stranger captured the attention of The Princess. Queen Shelby looked on cautiously at the two, possibly with worry in her glance as to where this might lead.


The Princess is now at the age where she will no doubt be entertaining a host of courters and soon The Palace will have their paws full yet again as the puparazzi will be even more attentive than usual trying to capture any possibilities of romance.

Princess Mesa had her head beside The Queen's, obviously chatting about her thoughts on the young lad. We are not quite sure what was being said in response, but The Queen looked serious in her words. We are quite sure the puparazzi was wishing they had a lip reader for this encounter!

Shortly after the meeting, The Royals continued on their walk. Princess Mesa was noted, however, as having a new bounce in her step. Could this be the one????


Rumors are again flying as Princess Mesa’s obvious dream state of mind last night at a dinner party for visiting dignitaries was interpreted by the press to mean the mystery stranger who was captured on film yesterday was more than just a mere passerby.

Several times during the course of the evening guests noted that her full attention was not being given to them. One guest who prefers to remain anonymous commented, “I was in the middle of a conversation about Monte Carlo which usually peaks the interest of Princess Mesa, but her mind was somewhere else. Her glance seemed to be focused into space. One can only guess that she has some important matters on her mind.” 


Midway through the evening's meal, The Princess suddenly lifted her goblet and proposed a toast to “life, liberty and love…. and lots of it!” to The Queen’s astonishment. Surely that toast will keep press and paparazzi on high alert for more details. They have been relentless in attempting to find the identity of the young pup on the trail who caught her eye earlier in the week. So far, his identity remains a mystery.




Count Mocha von Lhasa in Monte Carlo

Nothing short of dogged determination on the part of the press has uncovered news of Princess Mesa's new love interest. It was discovered yesterday that the pup who captured the eye and possibly the heart of The IT Puppy Herself is none other than Count Mocha von Lhasa, noted playpup visiting Santa Fe from his home in Tibet.

When not glob-trotting, the young count is courting older dogs, usually famous in their own rights. He has been linked to romances with the likes of Astrid de Terriér, great great great great great grandpuppy of the late Skippy, who played the role of Asta in "The Thin Man" of the 30's. The dazzling Astrid is a budding starlet years older than Count Mocha, who frequents nightclubs in Monte Carlo where they are said to have met.

Count Mocha has most recently been seen on the paws of Lassita di Doggio, great great great great grandpuppy of none other than Lassie herself. Lassita has recently been chosen for the role of "Lassie Went Home," the story of puppy star Lassie's early rise to fame which led her to a world of fast cars and trucks, too many T-bones, and a lifestyle that left her with little more than a few cans of Alpo to her name.

Those close to The Count say he is a charmer and doubt he will be settling down any time soon. They also say with his eyes roaming towards more mature dogs he would be an unlikely candidate for courting the young Princess.



Once again the presses are rolling trying to keep enough copies on the stands of the most recent shot of Queen Shelby, obviously pleased with herself, caught romping in the woods of Santa Fe with the love interest of none other than Princess Mesa. Count Mocha de Lhasa and The Queen were seen joyously running side by side, both grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying each other's company. It has been recently noted that The Count prefers the company of older dogs, so this comes as no surprise to those close to the young Count Mocha.

The Queen's wild abandon has left The Palace speechless. The press has been seen camping outside The Palace gates, hoping to catch a glimpse of The Queen and her new love  interest, or to take comments from Princess Mesa about her thoughts on this morning's photos and headlines. So far, there has not been a glimpse of The Princess, who is no doubt distraught over the whole matter. Naturally, this will be a blow to her ever-increasing ego.

Since the day of their chance meeting on the trail, Princess Mesa has been distracted by what the press suspects are dreams of a possible romance blossoming between her and The Count. Those dreams were shattered today.

A staff member who wishes his identity to remain secret has commented that "Chief of Staff Madame Squirt is beside herself on this one. She has been biting her nails all afternoon trying to determine how to handle this situation. It is a delicate matter for all of us here. Things were bad enough before all this began. There will be no living with The Queen and Princess Mesa now."

Chief of Staff Madame Squirt has so far refused all calls from the press.



FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014

The puparazzi has caused a stir yet again with today's headline shot of Princess Mesa's reaction to news that The Queen was seen stepping out with her new love interest. Yesterday it was reported that The Queen and Count Mocha de Lhasa were seen romping around the Palace woods while The Princess was said to be home grooming in case she ran into him again.

After seeing a segment on Good Morning, America which ran the now-famous shot of The Queen and the much younger Count cavorting in the woods, Princess Mesa was said to have thrown quite a puppy tantrum. She met the news with a snarl of disbelief that The Queen would make a move on the Milkbone of her eye, young Count Mocha.

After snapping this shot, puparazzi hiding in the bushes outside The Palace walls reported hearing sounds which seemed to indicate The Princess was throwing toys, bones and cow hooves around her chambers in a fit of rage.

Since the airing of the photo, there have been no official reports from Chief of Staff Madame Squirt about the incident. Everyone at The Palace seems to be laying low, hoping this will all blow over quietly. It seems, however, that The Princess will not be in the least bit quiet about her feelings.


MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2014

Looks like the holiday just wasn't the same at The Palace this year with Princess Mesa in charge of the festivities. Since the sudden disappearance to parts unknown of The Queen, Princess Mesa didn't quite step up to the plate for the traditional joyful Easter Sunday activities.

In the past, Queen Shelby has always dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on The Palace lawn. It has always been a cheerful event with a party atmosphere for all involved.

"The Queen has always been in high spirits in past years for this event," one attendee reported. "This year we expected Princess Mesa to outdo her. It didn't quite happen that way!"

The Princess who now has a reputation as quite the party girl, appeared in the traditional bunny outfit. But it was quite obvious to all that her heart just wasn't into partying today. At one point, she sighed heavily, flopped down on the lawn, and accidentally sat on an Easter egg.

In years gone by, The Queen, with her usual elegance, always entertained guests and their families in her bunny outfit. It was always evident that she was the life of the party.

Last week, following headlines of The Queen cavorting with the love interest to The Princess, it seemed both Queen Shelby and Count Mocha vanished from the face of the earth. Reporters and the puparazzi are now camping out in all her former jet-setter locations and are on high alert hoping to to capture photos which might tell the world what the two of them are up to right now.

One thing is certain. If photos appear of The Queen and The Count, Princess Mesa will not take the news cheerfully. Stand by for further updates!




Queen Shelby in her usual party mood at last year's annual Palace Easter Egg Hunt


It seems Princess Mesa has been becoming quite the drama queen around The Palace these days as rumors of The Queen and Count Mocha's simultaneous absences continue. A recent photo captured The Princess in her chambers continuing to lollygag about in a blue funk over the rumors and headlines that keep everyone in suspense as to what is going on at The Palace.

The press and puparazzi are going wild trying to find out details that follow the unconfirmed reports that a limo may have recently taken both The Queen and Count Mocha to the airport where they departed for parts unknown.

A press member had reported that a black limo with windows blackened out was seen leaving from the service area of The Palace last week. It was later seen on the highway heading towards Albuquerque Sunport, but the reporter lost sight of it before the identity of the passengers could be confirmed. There were also reports of The Queen's private jet on the runway. That also has not yet been confirmed.

Sooner or later, they are confident that the mystery will be solved as they uncover facts of the Queen and Count's sudden disappearance from the public eye. Some suspect a private  get-away for the two is the answer, and reporters have been present at every romantic haunt they can think of to try to gain answers to questions on everyone's minds about The Royals.



The headlines are blazing once again at today's puparazzi photos of The Queen, who was finally located on a private beach in Rio. The Queen, wearing a scarf which she obviously she thought would disguise her famous appearance was discovered on her patio at a very secluded beach in Rio de Janeiro, one of her favorite haunts. She was not in the least happy to have her photo taken, as is obvious in this photo.

The Queen snarled at the photographer and threatened to have him removed to a local jail if he didn't drop the camera immediately. The frightened photographer ran off and immediately called a reporter friend, and the presses were rolling once again.

The photographer said that The Count darted from view as soon as he heard The Queen's snarling at him, but it was too late. A private get-away has turned public once again.

Chief of Staff Madame Squirt has now vanished from sight as well. She is not taking any phone calls. Obviously the phones must be ringing off the hooks at The Palace right now. The world is awaiting news about the condition of The Princess now that it is certain The Queen is spending time with Count Mocha.

Later in the day, another photo was taken of The Queen as she attempted to cool off on her private patio. Count Mocha was nowhere to be seen, but since his signature ascot was seen on the towel next to The Queen, his presence can not be denied.

There is speculation as to whether the two lovebirds will cut their vacation short now that they have been discovered or if they will jet off to another location to escape the press. One thing is certain. Princess Mesa will not take today's headlines lightly.

Once again, reporters and puparazzi are camping around The Palace walls hoping to catch a glimpse off The Princess now that the news is out.

The tension at The Palace will no doubt be high upon The Queen's return to The Palace. Rumors will be flying about the next location of The Count as well.


As if the tensions were not high enough at The Palace between Queen Shelby and Princess Mesa, this week's events have made things turn from bad to worse. Rumors of staff reports of an inconsolable Princess who is making life difficult for all surrounding her have been leaking out of The Palace following yesterday's news of The Queen and Count Mocha's whereabouts.

One report by a staffer who wishes his identity to remain secret says that The Princess has been howling day and night, refusing to eat her favorite treats, and making life around The Palace most unpleasant for everyone.

Before yesterday, no one had seen hide nor hair of The Queen or Count Mocha since last week. Yesterday's discovery that they are both at a private beach in Rio sent The Palace into a tizzy. No Palace staffers will dare to comment on recent events. In all probability, they are hard at work trying to spin the recent headlines into something positive. They have hard work ahead of them at this point!

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014

Earlier this morning, a black limo arrived at The Palace and headed immediately to the service entrance to avoid the droves of reporters and puparazzi camping out around the grounds 24/7. As everyone suspected, the return home was not exactly a happy one.

It didn't require an insider at The Palace to tell the story, as the screaming was so loud once The Queen entered The Palace and was confronted by The Princess, it was easily heard by all outside the walls.

As expected, Princess Mesa threw a hissy fit that could have been heard in Taos. The Queen remained quite cool, and firm in her reply to The Princess.

At first everyone thought the argument that erupted was over possession of Princess Mesa's favorite toy, Dep, which The Queen decided to lounge upon over her morning latte. But it was quite obvious that she was indeed referring to her own new boy toy, none other than Count Mocha von Lhasa.

Those close to The Royals are wondering if there will ever be another moment of peace within The Palace walls. At this point in time, it's not looking good for a truce any time soon.


MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

Will life ever return to normal at The Palace? That's the question on the lips of many these days. Today's photo shot through an open window of Madame Squirt, Chief of Staff for The Palace could prove to be a bit of an embarrassment for her. The photo showed Madam Squirt in a private moment at her office desk wearing none other than The Queen's tiara. One can only wonder what must have been going through her mind as she seemed to be dreaming of a more peaceful Palace reign under her command.

These days, peace seems hard to come by for all involved at the Palace with the recent events occurring since the arrival of Princess Mesa. The Queen has not been quite thrilled with the Princess since she came to live in Santa Fe, to say the very least.

The press has been enamoured with Princess Mesa since she began her residence at The Palace last October, an event which didn't ever really sit well with reigning Queen Shelby, who is most unwilling to share the spotlight. Recently, their feuds have become quite public since The Queen was discovered stepping out with Count Mocha von Lhasa, international playpup. The Count had captured the eye and heart Princess Mesa only two weeks ago on a walk, in what turned into a huge case of puppy love for The Princess. Once the whereabouts of the sudden disappearance of The Queen and Count were made public and The Queen was forced to cut her rendezvous in Rio short, there was no peace at The Palace.

The staff has been hard at work trying to come up with a way to smooth things over with press and Royals, but no solutions have been made. It seems only natural that in her private time, Madame Squirt might dream of a more peaceful kingdom which she, of course, would rule. Once thing is certain, now that puparazzi and press have found new material, there will be no rest for the ever-watchful eye of the security force at The Palace. After today's stories hit the presses, rumors are flying that a new security company will be hired since the old one seems so ineffective as of late.



The Chief of Staff at The Palace, Madame Squirt, has finally made a public statement today in a meeting with the press in the tulip garden. It seems The Queen has announced that a May Day party will be given in honor of Princess Mesa's first spring in Santa Fe.

"It's time for all of us to rejoice now that the tulips and daffodils are blooming and there is hope in the air," Madame Squirt reported. "The Queen announced this morning that it is only fitting that she honor our newest resident, Princess Mesa, by introducing her to Santa Fe in this delightful time of year with all of its dignitaries and special residents dressed in their spring outfits. It will be quite a party, and we are all pleased to be involved in planning it."

When asked about the events over the past few weeks concerning The Princes, The Queen, and The Count, Madame Squirt rolled her eyes and smiled knowingly. "There has been too much attention given recently to the private lives of all of us at The Place. It is time press and puparazzi alike respect our privacy and find other issues upon which to report. We are all ready to move on to happier events here, and hope that they will do the same."

Her stern comment gives us all reason for introspection. However, we are sure there will be no end to the interest the world has in the business of their favorite subjects, The Royals of Santa Fe.



The Queen's announcement yesterday that there would be a "grand May Day Party to celebrate Princess Mesa's first spring in Santa Fe" has caused quite a stir at The Palace. Staffers say everyone there was in a frenzy to get ready with only two remaining days until May.

"We were all in disbelief at the time frame we have to pull this off," a staffer who wishes not to be quoted by name told a reporter today. "There is food to make, guests to invite, flowers to order---and then there will be the outfits for The Royals. We are fit to be tied!"

At the moment, staffers are working round the clock to make the party the success they all need to improve morale around The Palace. Meanwhile, press and puparazzi alike are on high alert for the upcoming event. Whatever happens, it's sure to make headlines this week!

The Palace is in a frenzy getting ready for The Queen's party, announced only yesterday. As usual, The Queen remains calm and collected, confident that her staffers will pull off the party of the year. Below right: The Queen inspects the dessert choices.



Queen Shelby in a party mood greeted her guests with smiles and good cheer to the delight of staffers

The 1st of May was celebrated in grand style at The Palace this year. Queen Shelby Growlstrum von Canaan hosted the first gathering of the year to honor The Palace's new resident, Princess Mesa Verde von Anatolia.

It was a welcomed change from the tone of the past few weeks between Queen Shelby and The Princess. Tension has been high, to say the least, in light of recent events involving jealousies, lost loves, and fighting for the title of "Fairest of Them All" between The Royals.

"It was a breath of fresh air," reported Madame Squirt, Chief of Staff to The Queen. "Everyone had a fabulous time, the atmosphere was perfect for a party!"

Madame Squirt did indeed look happy as she greeted guests from around the world. Her job has not been easy since the arrival of Princess Mesa. Most of her time these days seems to be spent coming up with a spin to explain away the troubles inside The Palace walls. Tonight was the most relaxed she has been in ages.

The party was announced a mere three days ago by The Queen. Her staff has been in a frenzy to pull things together since it is The Queen's intention to mend bad blood between her and Princess Mesa by honoring her at the May Day event. And what a job they did!

"The meal was exquisite, the evening a perfect success," one guest told a reporter. "We don't remember when we've had a more delightful time here!"

To the delight of the press and puparazzi, The Queen posed for photos showing off her new hat and floral gown which complemented her eyes and physique to perfection.

Later, Princess Mesa posed with her usual adorable charm. She looked delightful in her tie-dyed pick gown and contrasting colored hat. She winked for the cameramen and displayed that classic pout which has made her famous. No doubt the high end boutiques are packed today with those wishing to buy the outfits worn by The Royals with such panache in an attempt to imitate their style.

Guests didn't leave the event until the wee hours of the morning, all of them with smiles on their faces reflecting the mood of the evening. At the end of it all, The Queen surprised everyone with another announcement---next event---a Cinco de Mayo party! A tiny gasp was heard from Madame Squirt at the end of the announcement.

The party was a most-welcomed event by both those attending and those looking in, wishing they could be part of the evening. "With all that has happened recently, "one onlooker outside the gates remarked, "it is wonderful for all of us to witness some fun and good cheer behind those walls!" This reporter has to agree.
Earlier in the day, Princess Mesa looked on with admiration as Queen Shelby tried on her new party outfit
Princess Mesa trying on her new pink outfit, not quite as confident as Queen Shelby


FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014

The day after the grand May Day party was indeed a happy one. The staff was still glowing from the rave reviews by press and guests of the party they pulled off in such short notice.

Today it was quiet inside The Palace walls as staffers relaxed after their full speed ahead pace over the past few days. It's expected everyone is catching up on their much-needed beauty sleep. They had better get it too, because Cinco de Mayo is only days away! Staffers hope this will be a more intimate event enjoyed by The Queen and Princess Mesa's closest friends.


MONDAY, MAY 5, 2014

Royal designers were lined up at the doors of The Palace today with carloads of outfits to display to The Princess and The Queen for tonight's Cinco de Mayo party. Princess Mesa was reported to have "had a blast" trying on hats and outfits for the soirée planned for tonight.

Although it came as a big surprise for yet another short-notice for a party, the staff pulled together once again to get the job done for The Queen.

"We all tried our hardest to make this work, " reported Madame Squirt to a reporter today. "The Queen and The Princess were both in such good spirits with last week's party, we felt it our duty to make tonight's event another success for them."

The guest list will be quite a bit shorter this time. The Queen invited only 125 of her closest friends. Princess Mesa added another 50 to that list. Both agreed that it would be better to have more time to spend with each guest instead of dividing their time among so many.

Princess Mesa tries on hats for tonight's slightly smaller Palace bash


"We are hoping no dignitaries will be offended or feel left out," reported the Chief of Staff. "In light of last week's event, we are sure they will understand The Queen and Princess's need for a more intimate party this time. Regardless of the size, we are sure it will be yet another night to remember at The Palace."

This reporter agrees. Indeed, it will!


TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014

Once again, the staff at The Palace have pulled off an event worth remembering in amazingly little time. This morning's photos of The Queen and The Princess will delight millions of fans who were hoping for some good news for a change. Considering the stress levels of the past weeks at The Palace, it was indeed a welcomed sight to see The Queen and her cousins at the bash enjoying themselves tremendously.

The event was catered by Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, much to the delight of the guests. Margaritas flowed like water from fountains decorated in festive red, white and green.

The Queen, decked out in her festive outfit, and cousins at the party



Speaking of green, it seems The Princess did a bit too much celebrating at her first Cinco de Mayo party. Guests reported that "The Princess was in extremely high spirits---from the high spirits. At one point, after downing quite a few Margaritas, she danced joyfully on the table. We were all happy to see everyone in such a great mood last night. Even the staff, though exhaustion showed on their faces, seemed to be having a grand time."

Today, we hear, The Palace is quiet as all are taking their siestas seriously. The Princess was no exception to the rule!






Princess Mesa relaxes after the party


The rumor mills are always overflowing with stories at The Palace, but this one is gaining a lot of extra attention from the media. Sources at The Palace say that the staff is expressing their concerns to Queen Shelby that The Princess may be getting just a tad large for her age.

There are those who would suggest that the recent Palace events, stress over her relationship with The Queen, and over-indulging at parties may have gotten the best of The Princess. Those members of staff who are responsible for transporting her have been complaining that the task isn't quite as easy as it used to be only a few short months ago when The Princess arrived in Santa Fe.

Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt is not one to let things get too far out of paw on any given day, so it is expected that she is already fast at work interviewing personal trainers to assist The Princess in getting her girlish figure back as soon as possible.

"It seems like only yesterday that she was a mere wisp of a puppy," one staff member told a reporter off the records. "All of a sudden it's like we need a fork lift to get her from one location to the next. We need to get on top of this as quickly as possible. The Princess is at the age when she will begin being interested in suitors, and it won't be an easy task to attract them if she's out of shape at such a young age."

Ironically, it might have been a recent romance gone bad that set her into a pattern of over-eating and over-indulging at Palace parties. "The Princess took it really hard when she lost her love interest to The Queen. It was a blow to her tender young ego. It's perfectly understandable that she might have let herself go during the ordeal. But now that it seems a truce has been called with The Queen, we are all hoping she will begin a healthier lifestyle from here on," the staffer confided.

Naturally, personal trainers are going overboard trying to impress Madame Squirt for this much-desired position. Securing this job will assure that their careers will be boosted immediately from the prestige of working with The Princess in her new fitness program.



Today's news to The Princess that her weight problem needs addressing was not met graciously. Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt, and several staffers formed an intervention to convince The Princess that it is time she looked herself in the mirror and started changing her unhealthy ways.

"It wasn't our finest hour at The Palace," Madame Squirt told reporters. "No one wants to face the music after over-indulging, but it was time. The Queen was in total agreement that Princess Mesa needed to get with a fitness program immediately if she ever hoped to find a suitable prince."

The Princess was informed that tomorrow will be the day that she will meet her new trainer, and that things will be different from now on until she gets back into shape. It is not certain at this time how cooperative she will be with the new program. Staffers are hoping she will make nice with the new trainer when he shows up tomorrow for the first meeting.


FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014

The Princes was awakened early today by her staff in an attempt to ready her for this afternoon's meeting with her new personal fitness trainer. It wasn't an easy task. Staffers complained that The Princess was not exactly cooperative.

"She just didn't want to get out of bed this morning, "Chief of Staff Squirt explained. "This is a big step for The Princess. We are all trying to get her on track with her new fitness routine. No one wants to put on the extra pounds, of course, nor do they want to face the need for some lifestyle changes. We are trying to be as supportive as possible."

Eventually, Princess Mesa did get out of bed, and last we heard was readying herself for the meeting later today. We all wish her the best!

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014

Last Friday's meeting between Princess Mesa and her new personal fitness trainer was apparently a big hit. Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt reported, "I think we made the perfect choice for the new fitness program to be a great success. The Princess and Bubba, is off to a flying start. I haven't seen Princess Mesa's tail wag life this for months. I believe our intervention was very meaningful to her, as she seems to have made a commitment to a lifestyle change. We are all amazed that she got on board with us so quickly. I imagine she felt our concern and wanted so much to please all of us, she leapt at the chance to make us all happy."

Training will start immediately for The Princess and we are all cheering for her!

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014


EXTRA!!!!! EXTRA!!!!!

Relatively unknown artist, M.E. Bilisnansky McMorrow received quite a boost to her career recently as she was chosen to paint the portraits of The Royals. The Palace is all a-buzz trying to sneak into the studio whenever possible to glance at the portraits in progress during the sittings.

"Quite a thrill for this artists," Madame Squirt reported. "Artists dream of this kind of job their entire lives!"

It is said the Royals are pleased so far with their portraits, although it is rumored Princess Mesa was grumbling quite a bit in the beginning of her nose being too big and her hips too wide. Queen Shelby thought she should have appeared taller. The artist has been working day and night to please her subjects. We will keep you posted on the progress!





The Palace reported today that despite Princess Mesa's concerns about growing older, The Queen is doing her best to console her. Madame Squirt told reporters in The Tulip Garden this morning that, "The Queen couldn't be more sympathetic and understanding with Princess Mesa's concerns at growing older. She took the end to puppyhood hard when she became a woman early last month. Fortunately, with the love and compassion which The Queen gives her on a daily basis, we are sure she will settle into this new stage of her life and simply enjoy the festivities planned for tonight."

Indeed, the plans are glorious! Madame Squirt reported that the white tie affair at The Palace will be catered by The Queen's favorite chef from her favorite restaurant, Geronimo.

The five course meal will include all Princess Mesa's favorite tidbits, including prosciutto and quail salad followed by elk tenderloin. Dessert choices will remain a surprise.

Champagne will no doubt flow like the tides tonight. There will also be a Martini bar serving Princess Mesa's favorite drink. The streets around The Palace are already lined with those hoping to catch a glimpse of the guests who will be arriving on the Red Carpet showing off their finest attire.


The Puparazzi released photos today of The Princess and The Queen relaxing in their quarters on their patio following last night's birthday bash for Princess Mesa's first birthday. In attendance among the dignitaries who arrived from world wide designations, were Princess Mesa's brothers, Prince Sniper and Prince Gunner von Anatolia, who also celebrated their first birthdays. The handsome threesome caught the attention of every male and female in the room. The Princess glowed at the attention lavished upon her for the celebration for The Royal birthdays.

It was said the three siblings danced well into the wee hours of morning to the sounds of their favorite rock bands. They were also said to have been frequenting the Martini bar (requested by The Princess as a "must have" for her party) more than a few times throughout the night between a barrage of champagne toasts.

This morning, The Princess and The Queen are taking the day off to rest up from the celebration which ended in fireworks over The Palace right before dawn. Madame Squirt reported, "Not one guest left without a smile from ear to ear. This was one of our most successful parties in years. Even The Queen couldn't stop dancing! Now we all need to rest up. There is a price to pay for that much fun!"

Stay tuned for more photos from the party later in the week.


It's official! Vacation time at The Palace has officially ended, and Chief of Staff Madame Squirt has just begun to schedule activities for The Royals, Queen Shelby and Princess Mesa.

"Enough vacation fun! It's time to get serious!" announced Madame Squirt to an eagerly awaiting Princess Mesa. "First order of business is to arrange your Royal Press portraits with our Staff Photographer. We will need you and The Queen to look your best, as 2015 will no doubt be a busy year for all of us!"

As always, Princess Mesa was most enthusiastic about her first official duty of the New Year, and immediately headed to meet her make-up crew to gussy herself up for the first photo shoot of the New Year. Quite off the record, we did hear that there was a bit of grumbling over the location which was outdoors. Apparently The Princess didn't see the need to sit out in the snow for her photos.

Despite the protest, The Princess did manage to step up to the plate and pose for some extraordinary portraits. We are all looking forward to the events to come. Stay tuned!

Royal Princess Mesa Verde poses for her first official  portrait of the New Year
The Royal Princess looks dreamily into the future



As promised, the Royal Calendar is finally starting to fill. Madame Squirt announced today that the first event for the new year, the making of The Royal Valentine's Day Card was under way.

Apparently, Princess Mesa had a bit of trouble getting into the mood. No love interest has been in her life for quite a while now, so Valentine's Day festivities just didn't seem to be of any importance to her.

The Queen, however, always ready to dress up for any occasion, lectured Princess Mesa in her usual sympathetic and understanding manner. Soon the mood of The Princess changed, and the staff photographer worked her magic.

Royal Queen Shelby had no trouble posing for her portrait with joy!
The Royal Princess finally got it right after a shaky start!
A great finish to a successful photo shoot!



Excitement prevails throughout The Palace today as the first public display of the Royal Portraits begins. The portraits are being displayed at Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe, undoubtably the most well known dinning spot in the town. The show couldn't have been possible without the help of Sharon and David Newcomb who worked through the wee hours of the night without pay to hang the paintings. "The Palace can never thank them enough for their loyalty and desire to make the show a success! We love you both!" announced Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt. "That is the official royal message from The Palace today!"

"It's an honor to be invited to debut the Royal Portraits at Harry's," remarked Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt to the press today. The Queen is thrilled that she will be the hit of the show, on view the month of March. "Harry's has always been the favorite dining spot of The Palace, though for The Royals it is usually take out. With the Puparazzi ever present, a popular place such as Harry's would never give them full opportunity to enjoy the fine cuisine in peace.

To celebrate the event, a round of Harry's bison burgers and of course, a generous quantity of Peyton's coconut cream pies for dessert (A Royal favorite!) have been ordered for tonight's dinner. The Queen and Princess Mesa are already licking their chops! Thanks Harry and Peyton!



Rumor has it that The Princess was not quite in the mood for the early morning festivities planned at The Palace  to kick off St. Patrick's Day. Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt was reported to be at her wit's end trying to convince Princess Mesa that she needed to be up bright and early for the "Top o' the Mornin' Party" which The Queen always insists upon to begin the day's events.

"Queen Shelby has always been a morning dog," reported Madame Squirt. "She wakes up joyful, hops into her outfit for the day, and begins barking orders as soon as the first rays of dawn appear. It has been her tradition to start off the "Good Morning, America" show every year by greeting America with her wishes for  a fun-filled St. Patrick's Day. Naturally, she wanted The Princess by her side. However, it took some coaxing to get The Princess on board with the plans. She never has been much of a morning dog herself."

The cameras were rolling on Good Morning America as Queen Shelby wished everyone in the country a hearty Southwestern Irish hello. This event began the day long party at The Palace.

Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt told reporters, "Harry's Roadhouse will cater tonight's party. There will be plenty of tasty St. Patrick's Day treats, kegs of green beer, and The Palace favorite, coconut cream pie, dyed a festive green for the occasion. Everyone is most grateful to Harry's for being the first to display the Royal Portraits for the Santa Fe public to enjoy."

Shortly after The Queen's greeting, not quite so enthusiastic Princess Mesa offered her own comments for the early morning wake up call. She is, however, looking forward to the evening events, especially the coconut pie and green beer.



The Palace trembled with the news that Queen Shelby had an "episode" of some sort late yesterday afternoon. Fear was in the hearts of the entire Palace Staff as emergency vehicles arrived at the scene to assist The Queen.

Madame Squirt reported that The Queen's personal physician, Dr. Sharon Newcomb, arrived in record time. The Queen's heart and pulse were normal by the time the doctor arrived. Her temperature was also normal. The Queen refused further tests, saying that it was merely exhaustion and perhaps dehydration from her incredibly busy schedule at The Palace these days.

Within minutes, she was well enough to stand on her own, and immediately headed upstairs to the dining hall for dinner, which she ate with her usual ravenous appetite.

The following day, The Queen headed immediately to the dining room for breakfast, and was a tad put out by the slow service that morning. "The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated," said The Queen. "Now feed me!!!!!"

"All of us were extremely stressed by the incident and didn't really get much sleep that night" Madame Squirt explained. "A few of us had a bit of difficulty getting back on track at 6 AM this morning, and The Queen was, needless to say, not amused!"

The latest rumor around The Palace is that The Queen is planning a surprise of some sort for Princess Mesa. No one knows quite what it is, nor what prompted the upcoming mysterious event, but there is talk that it may involve a new program designed to keep The Princess busy. The Queen's recent complaints that Princess Mesa has been spending too much time watching TV may have prompted her to come up with a plan to involve The Princess in a more physical way.

Everyone is looking forward to her announcement, due to hit the headlines soon.








The Palace is jumping with joy over Queen Shelby's announcement of a surprise visitor expected to bring great happiness and excitement into the life Princess Mesa.

Madame Squirt told the press today that The Queen informed Staff members of the upcoming visit of Prince Bartholomée de Glasgow. The Prince will arrive from Scotland on his private jet later today, staying at The Palace for an indefinite amount of time.

Staff members are in a  frenzy to prepare for the honored guest. A huge feast is planned to welcome the young Prince Bartholomée to The Palace.

"There is so much to do, but we are all excited about meeting the new Prince. We are certain he will be a welcomed addition to The Palace no matter how short or long his stay," reported Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt.


When asked how Princess Mesa took the news of The Prince's arrival, Madame Squirt replied that the Princess was not at home during the announcement. It seems she was at her favorite spa enjoying beauty treatments and The Queen did not wish to disturb her.

"She will need all the strength and beauty rest she can get," joked The Queen."

Madame Squirt continued, "We hear The Prince is quite a pawful, and of course, he will be Princess Mesa's new responsibility around here. I am sure she will be delighted to have a job to do, as she has no doubt been a tad bored these days. One wonders where she will find time to watch As the World Turns!" she laughed.

Madame Squirt added, "The Queen has such a delightful sense of humor! It is incredibly considerate and generous of Her Majesty to bring The Prince for a little visit just to please The Princess whom she loves so dearly. Queen Shelby has scheduled a one-on-one meeting with The Princess as soon as she arrives home from her beauty treatments this afternoon when she will fill her in on the details of her new charge. I can hardly wait to see the delight in the face of Princess Mesa! I have never seen The Queen smiling quite as much as she has been since she made the announcement. She is obviously very pleased with her decision to surprise The Princess.






Happiness prevails at The Palace today, as visiting Prince Bartholomée de Glasgow awakened for his first full day in The Kingdom of Santa Fe. Madame Squirt announced that last night's festivities to welcome the Prince were a great success.

"Princess Mesa received the news that she would now have a 'little brother' of sorts to care for each day with great joy. The Prince is a delight. Princess Mesa and he warmed up to each other immediately. Though I do have a feeling The Princess wasn't fully aware of just how many new duties The Queen has just added to her life..." Madame Squirt commented.


"Certainly it is a huge responsibility for her, and it will certainly cut into her personal time, but as always, The Princess is stepping up to the plate, so to speak. She finds The Prince to be quite delightful as do all of us, and in no time, I am sure they will be the best of friends. All changes in life require adjustments of some sort."

Meanwhile, when asked how long The Prince would be staying, Madame Squirt replied, "Queen Shelby is being very secretive about disclosing the length of time the young Prince will be staying with us. At this moment we are not quite sure why, except that perhaps in her usual considerate manner, she does not wish to overwhelm Princess Mesa with a long commitment to his care. I am sure the days to come will tell how this turns out. Frankly, we are all hoping he will stay with us a long, long time. We are already madly in love with him. He was a much-needed addition to The Palace, believe me! A breath of fresh air!"

We have seen his photos, and we heartily agree!

Below left: Princess Mesa, Queen Shelby and Prince Bartholomée prepare for their escorted morning hike. At right: On the trail with Groundsman, Bob.



The Palace is a-buzz with rumors once again. It seems the charming Prince Bartholomée de Glasgow, who prefers to be called "Bart," is wearing on Princess Mesa's nerves. The new Prince, who arrived last week for an indefinite stay prompted speculation that The Queen may have been searching for a visitor who could provide The Princess with a project to fill too much free time.

It is no secret that The Queen has not looked so kindly on The Princess over the years. When she came to The Palace two years ago, she took The Kingdom of Santa Fe by storm. Puparazzi couldn't seem to stop snapping photos of her night and day, often to the open annoyance of Queen Shelby. accustomed to being in the limelight herself.

Now rumors are spreading that The Princess is being kept busy day and night by the new Prince Bart, which is seriously cutting into her TV time by day and party time by night.

"Queen Shelby has the car waiting by The Palace doors at all times now," reported Madame Squirt at a press conference today. "She wants the new Prince to enjoy all he can in the area, and Princess Mesa must be constantly by his side, according to her command. She wants The Prince to be safe, you know. After all, he is a wee lad! We know The Princess is enjoying playing tour guide for him, but it is exhausting work. Nevertheless, we know she will remain on duty for the rest of his stay."

When asked exactly how long that stay will be, Madame Squirt smiled sweetly. "That is entirely up to The Queen. But for the moment, she is totally charmed by The Prince, and has been telling him to stay as long as he likes. We are quite happy here at The Palace. The Queen has been grinning from ear to ear as if enjoying her own private joke!"

Meanwhile, the bushes and shrubbery at The Palace are beginning to fill with eagerly awaiting puparazzi, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new Prince as he heads out for the day with his tour guide, Princess Mesa. The two make quite a pair!


The New Prince Charming, Bartholomée de Glasgow, is keeping the puparazzi busy these days. It seems that at every turn, there he is again in a dashing new outfit, waiting to dazzle his public with his timeless sense of style. Queen Shelby can't say enough about him and how he has brightened The Palace like never before with his wit and joie de vivre.

"With a mere turn of his head and a smile, he has been melting his public's hearts," announced Chief of Staff, Madame Squirt at a press conference today. "Even the gruffest of folks can't help but stop and smile back at him as he jaunts through the streets of Santa Fe with his staff. The people at Starbucks where he stopped for an afternoon espresso yesterday while in town just couldn't keep their eyes off him in his flashy new hunters plaid coat. Everyone wanted to come up and greet him, and he readily charmed them all with a wink and a cock of his darling head.

Last week the young Prince attended the tree lighting services at The Plaza. All the attendees were commenting that he outshined the tree lights!"

When asked how The Queen was reacting to his presence around the Palace, Madame Squirt said, "She couldn't be more pleased. The Queen is absolutely delighted that Princess Mesa now has constant companionship and new duties to keep her occupied."

"As for Princess Mesa herself," the Chief of Staff continued, "she just is beside herself with joy over his arrival. She just can't seem to get enough of the little chap. She follows him around the Palace constantly, trying to engage him in play whenever she can. She is tireless in her sense  of duty and her devotion to the new guest."

On that subject, reporters were eager to hear how much longer Prince Bart would be staying at the Palace.

"No official announcement has been made," Madame Squirt explained. "But if I were to make an educated guess, I'd say no one will be asking him to return to Scotland any time soon." With that, Madame Squirt winked and smiled knowingly. Let's hope that means he will be gracing Santa Fe for a long time to come!



Tension was high in The Palace today, it is reported, centering around one of The Queen's favorite holidays, Valentine's Day. Madame Squirt, Palace Chief of Staff reported, "As has always been the tradition at The Palace, Queen Shelby arranged for our staff photographer to begin shooting today for the annual Palace Valentine's Day card. Unfortunately, as I soon found out, Princess Mesa had better things to do than participate. It seems she and the young Prince Bartholomée de Glasgow who is now affectionately known as Prince Bart, had their heads together over a cow hoof chewie, and really weren't in the mood to have interruptions of any kind."

Madame Squirt explained that she was a bit undone over having to report back to The Queen that the young Royals were otherwise engaged.

"I was truly reluctant to carry the wishes of The Princess and Prince to Queen Shelby. I was quite certain that she would not be amused by their lack of enthusiasm for the much-awaited Valentine's Day card designed especially for the public. Not only does The Queen enjoy dressing for the holiday, but the the last thing she would wish would be for the public to be disappointed by the absence of annual best wishes for the holiday from The Palace."

Indeed, the cards are always anticipated with great joy by the people of Santa Fe. The Queen always shines her brightest for the Royal photo shoot. Her ever-stylish outfit sets trends for every woman's most desired Valentine's Day wardrobe. Princess Mesa is of course also known for her sense of playful, yet elegant style which always sends the public on a mad shopping spree to try to mirror what the young Princess wore.

"I don't have to tell you that The Queen immediately went into a bit of a tantrum and made it known to the young Royals that their lack of enthusiasm and participation would NOT be tolerated!"

Within minutes, it was reported, the two headed to their chambers to dress for the scheduled photo shoot.

"We are all quite certain that the public will be more than pleased with the results, which will make their debut on Valentine's Day." Madame Squirt then sighed in relief.

We all look forward to the arrival of the card!




Madame Squirt, Chief of Staff at The Palace, proudly revealed the much-awaited Valentine's Day card this morning. The public had gathered in the Pinon Garden in large numbers during the wee hours of the night, hoping to be the first in line to catch a glimpse of The Royals as they joyfully displayed the annual card bestowing best wishes to all for a wonderfully romantic holiday. Love was in the air in full bloom this day, and everyone felt its glow!

The Queen, as always, was elegantly attired in her favorite red hat and gloves. The Prince and Princess displayed their cutting edge style, sending a blinding flash of camera lights from the Puparazzi the moment they arrived on the scene.

"It wasn't an easy shoot," Madame Squirt explained. It took no less than 9 hours for the staff photographer to obtain just the right shot for the card."

If you have been following the story, you know that The Queen was not pleased with the lack of immediate cooperation from the young Royals last week. But happily, they soon got back on track, and the shoot began.

About noon, the hungry and weary Queen called out for pizza from her favorite spot, Backroads Pizza. Among the many boxes destined for delivery at The Palace was The Queen's all time favorite combo of anchovies and onions. Once their appetites were satisfied, the shoot began, running far into the dinner hour.

Finally, The Queen made the announcement that the shoot was over and the photos would be sent to the Palace Graphics Department to begin the work immediately.

The Graphics Department thought it would be amusing for the public to view some of the outtakes from the days shoot.





There is more! Please read about the cast below for an update from The Palace. More to come in 2019!